Oh my! This spells bad news for boating but good news for the night sky! Herman’s revenge is brought to you courtesy of the incomparable Rebecca Clements, who often brings the fantastical qualities of videogames into her cartooning. KinokoFry is a heartwrenching tale about some ladybugs, mushrooms and bees who have perhaps fallen out of a picture book and are struggling to make their way in a world with rules set by Ms. Clements’ cruel whimsy. I wrote recently that there have been many comics before this one which take the elements of children’s cartoons and add adult humor or excessive violence, sometimes keeping the simple drawings and bright colors, other times inserting “innocent” kids’ characters into an adult genre like horror. Her work is remarkable because in spite of the adult themes, she maintains the sense of wonder and playfulness that made the best children’s cartoons so enjoyable to begin with.