It’s been so long since we last spoke, it’s like an entire season has gone by! My summer has felt very busy. Here’s an update of what’s going on, right now, comics-wise:

  • Sunward is slowly, very slowly, being colored. Sometimes I get a page a week, sometimes less than that. I’d always imagined it in color, with lots of reds and yellows and oranges, but the pages remained awfully white. I’m happy with the results so far and I’m looking forward to the day it’s done so I can say LOOK! It’s DONE! COLOR!
  • SPX is a week and a half away! This year, I am sharing a table with the talented Cara Bean. After having already admired each others comics, we discovered a few months ago that we live literally right down the street from each other. We’ll be representing our awesome neighborhood at Table¬†H7!
  • Herman the Manatee is slowly, very slowly, coming to an end. I’ll say more about it when I’m closer to wrapping up (in a few months), but I’ve been putting the final stories together and I think you will be thoroughly depressed! Just kidding, Herman has a happy ending. No, really, it’s miserable…
  • MICE is September 24 at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA! This is the second year for the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo. It’s in a new space, there are more exhibitors, and there’s an art show! Everyone had a great time last year, and this year promises to be even better.
  • Jay’s Brain is a series of comics I’ve been drawing about living with my annoying roommate. It’s like the Odd Couple, but more stressful and slightly embarrassing. I’m hoping to get enough done in time for a minicomic at SPX, but otherwise MICE is just around the corner. It’s been tough because Brain has been fighting against their release, so there is frequent stalling and constant negotiation.